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Welcome to The System Martial Arts and Fitness

At The System Martial Arts and Fitness, we're excited to introduce our rebrand from Superior Martial Arts and Fitness. This transformation represents our commitment to providing you with an even more exceptional martial arts and fitness experience. Here's why we've made this change:

An Evolved Curriculum for Today's Youth In response to the changing social and cultural landscape, we've revamped our curriculum to meet the unique needs of today's children. Our classes now go beyond physical fitness, focusing beyond just the essential life skills but also the emotional and coping skills to prepare them for the modern world.

Modern Teaching for Better Learning We've moved away from traditional top-down instruction to a more interactive, peer-to-peer learning approach. Our motto, "Play, Learn, Achieve," reflects our commitment to making learning engaging and effective.

A Personal Touch We pride ourselves on getting to know each and every member personally. Our small, exclusive school environment ensures that you'll receive the individual attention and support you deserve. Every child is recognized for their unique strengths and weaknesses. They will receive instruction that will cater to their growth.

Rooted in Cranston for Over a Decade For more than 12 years, we've been an integral part of the Cranston community, forming lasting bonds and positively impacting countless lives.

Family-Run Expertise With over 30 years of experience in elementary education, our founder's wife brings a wealth of knowledge in child development. Together, we're uniquely equipped to address the social, emotional, and educational needs of our students.

A Parent's Perspective As parents ourselves, we approach our students with the same care and dedication that any loving parent would. Our goal is to equip them with skills that will serve them well in adulthood, both personally and professionally.

Discover The System - A Unique Self Defense Style We are the exclusive facility in New England offering The System, a self-defense program that prioritizes practical skills like awareness and problem-solving over memorized techniques. Get ready to face real-world challenges.

Join Our Supportive Community Our close-knit community of members and parents is known for its warmth and support. When you join us, you become a part of a network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for martial arts and fitness.


Your child will build lasting friendships, master new techniques, and achieve recognition for their accomplishments. Our age-specific classes cater to all skill levels, ensuring every child gets the support they need on their martial arts journey. We focus on holistic development, nurturing physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional resilience.


Are you looking for a fitness journey that's as unique as you are? At The System, we're not just a gym; we're a family-driven fitness haven that caters to all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or taking your first steps on the path to wellness, our specialized programs will empower you to achieve your fitness goals while feeling supported and motivated every step of the way.

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